How It All Began


Our sweet corn business began in the early 1990’s when my mom’s small sweet corn patch was ready to harvest at the same time they were headed out of state on vacation.

I asked my mom what she was going to do with her sweet corn.  She replied, “Do whatever you want with it.”

My wife, Dawne, and I handpicked the corn and loaded it into the back of our little red truck. We hauled the corn to her mother’s front yard in Decatur, IL and made a sign out of a cardboard box and one of our children’s crayons.  We sold out that afternoon.  Astounded, I looked at Dawne and said, “Honey, I think we’re on to something.” 

Mom and dad returned from vacation to find a jar of money on their table from the patch.

The following year, we decided to do it up a little bigger to help pay for our children’s fall school supplies.  The first store we supplied was Cub Foods on Pershing Rd. in Decatur, IL.  With small steps, hard work, and a large learning curve, the Maddox Sweet Corn Farm has evolved into a family owned and operated business that supplies two major grocery chains throughout the state and a lot of happy customers in our area.

It is the support from the community that has allowed our family to survive some trying years.  We are truly blessed and thankful for your continued support.